Company / Team
E. Ryser – Schoop AG was founded in 1942 in Zürich-Wollishofen and entered in the register of companies. In 1960, its head office was moved to Unterstammheim. In 2000 the company adopted a new «outfit» under the slogan of ‘brevity is the soul of wit’, E. Ryser – Schoop AG was transformed into RS-FURNIERE.

Since 1986, our covered storage area was practically doubled in two stages.
With the reconstruction of the office premises in 2002, these too were given a modern touch.

Your contacts:

Marcel Heiniger
General Manager
Procurement of logwood
Export sales
Yvonne Heiniger
Manuela Lattmann

RS-Furniere, Postfach, CH-8476 Unterstammheim, Telefon +41 52 745 15 84