As a small team, we have the flexibility required to adapt to the change in types of wood within the shortest possible time.

For the production of popular European timber types, our commitment begins with the purchase of logwood, includes all production stages and only ends with the sale of our veneers.
The current main focus is on conifers – spruces / pines / larches with and without branches – plus broad-leaved trees such as maple / beech / oak and cherry. We have these types of timber cut in normal as well as greater thicknesses. However, as we already mentioned above, nothing is so constant as change, that is to say: what is correct today, can be overtaken tomorrow.
Other European wood types such as ash / walnut or fruit trees are produced by us according to demand.
Our veneer store naturally includes veneers from other continents – from the popular ones from North America through the decorative ones from Central and South America, the well-known African ones and the classic ones from the Far East, right up to the grained veneers from all kinds provenances.

You can also obtain veneer roll edging in various sizes and finishes from us.
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