Philosophy / Expertise
We strive to fulfil customers’ wishes and concepts within the bounds of what is possible for a natural product. This also includes, along with the provision of veneers, suitable information as desired.
The personal procurement of logwood for all types of European timber produced by us forms the corner stone for the qualities required. We travel through many countries in Europe to inspect and purchase suitable logs in situ.
For subcontracted work on our logwood at various veneer works, we are always present in person. For cutting to size, we stipulate the desired veneer lengths. At the sawmill, the type of cut is specified and after dividing up the individual log sections, the suitable cutting thickness is marked on them according to the quality.
The small element of veneers produced that are trimmed right here in our factory in Scherenstrasse is prepared in our presence and according to our specifications.

The greater part of our veneer production comes to us at Stammheim after drying and in an untrimmed state.
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